Our philosophy…

Your passion is running your business.
Our passion is telling your story.

Every successful business no matter the size has one common denominator. A clear and consistent marketing plan. You are the expert when it comes to your product or service. We are the experts at communicating a message that will attract the customers or clients that you desire.

It’s simply a matter of working smart rather than working hard. Why stay awake at night trying to come up with a creative catch phrase? Why meet with a dozen different media sales representatives in a week? (Or worse, try to come up with new ways to dodge them.)

With Sites & Sutton Design and Marketing you have a partner that will take on the task of crafting a creative and effective plan to promote your business. Sites & Sutton is a full service ad agency that can provide a wide variety of services. We do logo design, print, outdoor, direct mail, websites, social media, promotional items, radio production, television production, events and media placement.

Experienced with an always fresh attitude, Sites & Sutton believes good marketing is an investment not an expense. We find creative and effective strategies to advertise your company within a budget you can afford.

Did we mention we are fabulously fun? Sites & Sutton is in its tenth year as a full service marketing firm and we love what we do and the clients we serve. Our approach is straightforward and our work ethic is solid. We also believe that if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing. Sites & Sutton is all about enjoying what you do.


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